Devil Doll - The Laser's Edge

Devil Doll is certainly one of the best (if not most controversial) progressive bands currently in existence. The band is led by the mysterious Mr. Doctor who's intense gutteral vocals are guaranteed to induce shivers. The music
combines the avant garde stylings of Opus Avantra, the classical influences of Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso, and the vocal and lyrical intensity of Van Der Graaf Generator. "The Girl Who Was Death" is a conceptual work based around The Prisoner television series starring Patrick McGoohan. Each section of the composition corresponds to one of the show's 17 episodes. The music features a throbbing
Paganotti-like bass line over a broad symphonic approach. Like "Eliogabalus", this album features exquisite violin, guitar and piano from the assortment of Italian and Yugoslavian virtuosos that encompass the sect of Devil Doll. "Eliogabalus" was most people's introduction to Devil Doll. It consists of two long tracks. It was my pick as best recording for
1991. "Sacrilegium" is one continuous 47 minute track that really pushes the outer barrier of progressive rock. Perhaps inspired by Brian Lumley's Necroscope novels, Mr. Doctor sings from the perspective of a dead person in
the grave, reflecting back on his life. The music is almost unnerving and as you would expect from the subject matter, the vocals are beyond intense. "The Sacrilege Of Fatal Arms" was originally released for the Devil Doll fan club. This is a reworked and expanded version of "Sacrilegium".