Interview with Roberto Dani 28-06-2004

Roberto Dani

1.First of all tell us about how you were involved in Devil Doll's project.

A:Well,a friend of mine,which is a percussionist,was contacted by Devil Doll and he got me in touch with Mr.Doctor.After that,I met Mr.Doctor,he told me about the project and so we started.That was the beginning of all.

2.We've talked about Mr.Doctor...Could you tell us something about this mysterious personage? Actually,there are a lot of myths about him(as for example the fact the he doesn't use a watch or that no one knows his name or also that he's got a very eccentric personality which is almost border on madness)...Enlight our minds!

A:I'm not used to support myths so I'll deny that things.I can only say that he's a very determined person,who strongly believes in his musical ideas and who's able to spread around him this energy.He's also an untiring worker(and for this we were in harmony)and he's able to empathize with the things that he does...We can see the results of that I guess!

3.Can you tell us one of your personal anecdotes which in your idea could be interesting for our readers relating to your exeprience with Devil Doll?

A:I would say that the realization of Devil Doll's albums itself was a big great anecdote for the readers.

4.During your experience with Devil Doll,did you feel like they were treating you like a member of the band or like a common session musician?

A:I never felt like they were treating me like a session musician,on the contrary,I think that the role that I played inside the band was more important;in fact,on Sacrilegium I was also a co-producer,not only a musician!During those years I was involved in that band both in a musical way and in a coordinating way.

5.As we all know,Devil Doll has a special duality:the band operates between two countries,Italy and Slovenia.Did this caused you any problems?

A:Absolutely not.It was a very intense expirience which allowed me to learn about a new country and some of its musicians.But this duality is not perceptible in Devil Doll's music and I think that this is a very important thing to notice.

6.In 1992,Mr.Doctor,after some cuts that a television channel made to his concert,decided not to have contacts with media anymore.Do you know something about this fact?

A:Absolutely nothing.I'm not in contact with Mr.Doctor since then.

7.Did Mr.Doctor compose everything?Even your drum parts?

A:Yes,Mr.Doctor composed most of the music but the arranging was work of all the members of the band.For the drum parts,as for the others instruments,we talked together until we found the right result.

8.Mr.Doctor is also a director,and as we read in others interviews,he's more inclined to cinematography than to music.Could you tell us something about this?

A:As I said before,I've got no idea of what Mr.Doctor is doing actually.Now that you told me this,I know as much as you know about this story.

9.So here we are,the interview's over and I want to thank you for your kindness!In the end,you've got a few words for saying somehing to our readers from or anything else you want to say.

A:Dear readers,if you liked the records that I've made with Devil Doll,then I guess you could also appreciate my today's works of sperimental music among which I mention the most recent, "Solo" for drum ,voice and mag tape, and also my oldest works as "Interferences" and "Instants". You can contact me at for more information. There's no more rock music,progressive,jazz etc!There's only one music,which doesn't need any useless category!

Interview by: Adrian Stassi
Translation from the italian: Andrada Predescu