The prince Antonio De' Curtis (Name in art: TotÚ) born in Naples (Italy) in the 15 Febbruary 1898. Since he was a child his wish was to be an actor but his mother never considered this passion good for his future.
When he was to Gymnasium a preacher gave hit him right on his nose, leading it to hemorrhage and consequent translation of a centimetre so that he got a particular gaze.
He started to made some shows for little theatres under the name "Clerment" but the mother made all to stop him. So he went to the army, but he left very early.
But his passion was too strong. He started in little theatres and in the "rivista".
The girls gone mad for him: an actrees kills herself for had lost his love.
After many great and little theatral plays he started with the cinema.
Since 1937 he made 97 films and about 27 millions of people watched to them. The Italy loved him: he could made people laugh only with his look and his face. He was the inventor of the great italian commedy.
But behind the smiles, his films often hold pictures of the italian life's before and after the second world war. He talks of the poor, of how could people live without money. He talks with a language wich everybody can understand. Everyone can see himself in TotÚ. This was his great power.

Antonio De' Curtis is in the stalls of Eliogabalus