Carnival of Souls - 1962

Director: Herk Harvey
Candice Hillgloss as Mary Henry
Herk Harvey as The Man

"She escaped death, now it wants her back."

This movie is the story of Mary Henry, a skilled church organist. It was inspired by the half hour Twilight Zone episode The Hitch Hiker. The budget was only $30000 US and the entire score consists of organ music.

At the start of the movie, 2 drivers, Mary being one of them stop at a traffic light and agree to a drag race. The race gets out of control as they enter a narrow bride and Mary's car crashes over the edge. She emerges from the water seemingly unscathed from the crash.

After the crash Mary feels awkward and wants to move to another town so she gets a new job in Salt Lake City. Oh her way to Salt Lake City she is haunted by visions of a creepy ghoulish old man. She passes an old abandoned carnival and feels mysteriously drawn to he place but against her instincts she continues driving until she reaches the room she has rented.

Mary gets romantically involved with a man but he later flees in terror when he discovers her obsession with "The Man", the ghoulish death figure played by director Herk Harvey.

One of the greatest scenes in the movie is where Mary becomes somewhat possessed while playing the church organ. She plays loud blasphemous music that is heard by the priest and she is fired.

Mary is in a clothing shop trying to buy a dress. As she walks the street everyone is ignoring here and noone can hear anything she is saying. Eventually she screams "Can anybody hear me?". Familiar or not?

The film is full of symbolism thought by some to represent different forms of death. Emotional, physical, sexual and spiritual. Mary is actually DEAD.

This movie is important to Devil Doll and Mr.Doctor. In the Incubus on Dies Irae track 10 you can hear the phrase: "Can anybody hear me?" This was inspired by this movie. On the bottom of the page you can hear an audio sample from the movie where this part was inspired by.

On the front cover of Dies Irae in the one of the corners you can find a photo of Herk Harvey, know in this movie as "The Man", Mr.Doctor is commonly refered to by fans as "The Man".

One of the unreleased works by Devil Doll and in this case the Devil Doll Chamber Orchestra is the soundtrack called Carnival of Souls.

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Written by Pearl.

Sound samples from the movie:

"Can anybody hear me?"