Devil Doll Eliogabalus Gimmx Promo LP

Here is an VERY interesting history about how many copies exactly circulate of the ELIOGABALUS GIMMIX LP. As many of you maybe have seen: The DEVIL DOLL discography opperates with 2 different stories when it comes to the exact number of copies existing of this LP. Even in the scrapbook it is 2 stories. First it says 50 copies in the "chronology" section. Then it says 25 copies in the "different releases" section. I have allways wondered: What is correct here?? Well both are(!!) And here is the answer, FC has cleared it up:

ELIOGABALUS GIMMIX LP: Mr. Doctor himself numbered the ELIOGABALUS gimmix LP. The original intention was that 500 copies would have the gimmix cover, but when they came out from the printing company they were nearly all defective, so it was decided that the best 50 would be kept and the others destroyed. They were sent to Mr. Doctor and he numbered them from 1 to 50. But on nearly half of them he put on the cover a sticker with written UN-ACCEPTABLE! as there were some factory faults in one or more of the stalls in the gimmix cover. These covers were eventually never distributed and only the ones considered perfect or near-perfect circulated: these should not exceed the number of 25.

Cool! And If you are confused: This means that only 25 copies or LESS are existing/circulating.Like this copy below is 10 of 50. This means that for example nr 1 exist, nr 2 don't. Or nr 36 exist, nr 45 don't, and so on, and so on, and so on...........