The Devil Doll Fan Club

The Devil Doll Fan Club has been created in Slovenja over 10 years ago and has now approximately 4000 members from over 40 different countries. We are a group of lovers of Devil Doll music and of the performances and artistic creations of Mr. Doctor, leader, composer, singer and main creative
force behind every Devil Doll -past and present- work of Art. The Fan Club has distributed and released so far a wide range of material concerning Devil Doll: T-Shirts, biographies, photos, limited pressed records etc. You can find the list of currently available material in the next page.

By the way if any of you wish to join the Fan Club all you have to do is to
send 10 US Dollars (5 Euros if you live in Europe) and will automatically be in Devil Doll Fan Club mail files. You will always receive a personal mail when a Devil Doll record or related item is released and if you place an order of records or t-shirts right when you join it will be FREE OF POSTAL CHARGES.

Payment can be done:
1) through International Money Order at your post office (addressed to: Devil Doll Fan Club, Hurdy Gurdy Records, San Marco 5499, 30124 VENICE, Italy)
2) cash in registered letter in the following currencies: US Dollars or Euros


Contact the fan club for a list of currently available material.

The Devil Doll Fanclub
San Marco 5499
30124 Venezia / Italy
Fax: +3941 522 5541

From the fanclub you can buy Devil Doll t-shirts

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