Adriana Maraz - Biography

Adriana Maraz was born on December 26th, 1931 in Ilirska Bistrica, Slovenia. She has lived in Italy till 1946. She gratuated in 1957 in painting and graphic arts after studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. In her live she has won several awards including the Grand Prix in the Frederikstad biennial. In her art she devotes herself to objects that surround contemporary man in normal life or as its heritage. A noticable thing is that she has a sharp sense or piercing irony in her work, similar to what we find throughout Mr.Doctor's art. She has made art that mixes everyday objects created in precise detail with surreal elements even reaching towards the absurd. Her work entitled GEA that she created between 1989 and 1992 can be found on the cover of Sacrilegium and on the original cd pressing of The Sacrilege of Fatal Arms. On Sacrilegium you can she the work in its orginal shape and on the cover of The Sacrilege of Fatal Arms it is perfectly blended with the face of Mr.Doctor. In 1978 she made a work entitled Sunyata which has many similarities with GEA.

Have a look in the Adriana Maraz Gallery on this page by clicking the photo of Adriana Maraz to see a selection of works by Maraz. Also below you see a small selection of the prizes she won and exhibitions she has done (not all).

*1973 - San Francisco International Exhibition of Prints won a prize
*1974 - Frederikstad Norske Internasjonale Grafik Biennale, First Prize
*1983 - Prize of the Preseren Foundation

*1975 - Exhibition in Padova, Galleria Spazio 11
*1977 - Ljubljana, Mala galerija