Un Chien Andalou - 1929

First of all I'd like to state that this movie is in someways one of the most shocking movies coming from that time, people who have seen this movie know what i am talking about. The movie is directed by Luis Bu˝uel, he and Salvador Dali (the famous surrealist) wrote the script. Both would work together on another bizar movie called L'Age D'Or. This last named movie was banned for forty nine years.
The basic idea of the movie was to shock people and they did a good job in doing so. The movie has a length of 17 minutes, surreal images and bizar stuff enters you brain. Don't think about what it means because sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't.
Let me name you a few things from the movie; a woman's eye is slit open, a man with a hole in his hand has ants emerging from the hole, a severed hand is poked by an old man and more passes by the revue.
I consider this movie a real cult movie. Below you see a few still's from the movie, take a look at it;