Das Kabinett des Dr. Caligari - 1919

This is a movie by Robert Wiene, a german director form the German Expressionist Cinema Group. Because the movie has inspired Mr. Doctor so much and because i really like this movie, i'll give you an extend story about the movie.

The story goes like this: In a small German village, a man Dr. Caligari wants to get a permitt for the fair in that village, the clerk gets killed. There he starts the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. He invites people in with the words, step right in and see Cesare, the Somnambulist. Asleep for almost 23 years. People come in and see Cesare, pale and dressed in black.

People can ask him questions for he can tell the past and the future and knows all secrets. In the audience there are two guys named Francis and Alan, Alan asks how long he will live and Cesare answers 'till dawn tomorrow. Both Alan and Francis are in love with a girl named Jane, they promise each other who ever she chooses, they will always be friends. That night Alan gets murdered. Francis remembers the prediction made by Cesare and tell's it to the police. The police visit the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and they get the message that the murderer has been captured and the case is solved. Jane's father, Dr. Olsen is missing and she goes looking for him an hopes to find some clues on the fair. Well she gets her answer from Cesare, a funeral follows. Francis goes looking for Caligari and finds him and what seems to be Cesare, in fact it turns out to be a doll, because Cesare has left to see Jane. A bit of a struggle takes place, but Cesare can't kill Jane, because he is in love. Instead he takes her on the shoulder and runs for the hills. Some how Cesare gets a heart attack and drops Jane, than he falls down the hill and dies. Jane gets back to the house and tell's Francis what happens, but he doesn't believe here and tell that he saw Dr. Caligari with Cesare, safe and asleep. He and the police go over to Dr. Caligari's house and discover that the Cesare in the coffin is a doll. It seems the Doctor placed the doll there, while Cesare could go out and kill. In the confussion Dr. Caligari escapes and Francis goes after him. He follows him into an asylum. Inside he asks about the doctor, but no one knows him and they send him to the head of the asylum. The head of the asylum turns out to be Dr. Caligari!!! An investigation is started and they find out it was al an experiment, he wanted to see if he could get his patient to kill. He wanted to find out the secrets of the real Dr. Caligari. It seems he has an obsession for this Caligari and he has hallucinations and see the text Du Musst Caligari werden, everywere. The corpse of Cesare is found and has been brought to the village. They show it to the Director of the Asylum and he weeps over Cesare. After that they lock him up in the asylum and everything can go back to the way it used to be. It seems that all this is told to a man in the form of a story. Francis goes back to the asylum and Cesare is alive and the Doctor seems to be a nice fellow. Francis panics and they lock him up, the doctor will find a cure for him.....

Directed by
Robert Wiene

Writing credits (in alphabetical order)
Hans Janowitz
Carl Mayer

Cast (in credits order)
Werner Krauss .... Dr. Caligari
Conrad Veidt .... Cesare

Friedrich Feher .... Francis
Lil Dagover .... Jane
Hans Heinrich von Twardowski .... Alan
Rudolf Lettinger .... Dr. Olson
Rudolf Klein-Rogge .... A Criminal
rest of cast
Hans Lanser-Rudolf .... (uncredited)
Henri Peters-Arnolds .... (uncredited)
Ludwig Rex .... (uncredited)
Elsa Wagner .... (uncredited)