Bride of Frankenstein - 1935

Here you can read about the movie "Bride of Frankenstein". We all know the cd "The Girl Who Was...Death" and we know the front of the cd. The picture used for it, is the picture of Elsa Lanchester, in the part of "bride". Together with Boris Karlof she makes this a very good movie.

The story of Frankenstein is a story from Mary Shelley, Mary Shelley was born 30 August 1797 and died 1 February 1851. The interesting thing about this movie is, that Mary Shelley is a part of this movie ( also played by Elsa Lanchester ). The movie begins when Mary reveals that the story about Frankenstein isn't really finished. She starts telling the story...
After they burned down Franksteins working place, then a man, Hans wants to be sure that the monster is dead and burned. The man, Hans, gets drowned by the monster. His wife is trown into the depths were the monster came from. The movie has started were the other one ended. Frankstein is hurt and is taken to his home to recover. Dr. Pretorius comes to see Frankenstein for an important matter. Dr. Pretorius wants to create a woman. The monster gets hunted by the village people and after that meets a man, who is blind and wants to be his friend. When everything turns out to be oke, the village people spot the monster in his house and the house gets burned to the ground. The monster escapes to a cemetary where he meets Dr. Pretorius and Pretorius uses the monster to kidnap Frankensteins wife and Frankenstein is forced to help Dr. Pretorius in creating a woman. The succeed and they create a woman out of cadaver parts. The woman should be a mate for the monster, but she hates him. The monster helps Frankenstein and his wife get away and Dr. Pretorius has to stay. He says: "We belong dead" He pulls a switch ( then you see the part were the photo for the girl who was..death is taken from) and the place collapses and they all die. Frankenstein and his wife are safe.

The cast
Boris Karloff .... The Monster
Colin Clive .... Dr. Henry Frankenstein
Valerie Hobson .... Elizabeth Frankenstein
Elsa Lanchester .... Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley/The Monster's Mate
Ernest Thesiger .... Dr. Pretorius
Gavin Gordon (I) .... Lord Byron
Douglas Walton .... Percy Shelley
Una O'Connor .... Minnie
E.E. Clive .... Burgermeister
Lucien Prival .... Albert the Butler
O.P. Heggie .... Hermit
Dwight Frye .... Karl
Reginald Barlow .... Hans
Mary Gordon .... Hans' Wife
Anne Darling .... Shepherdess

Stills from the movie:

The monster and his mate (Elsa Lanchester)

The Monster

Dr. Pretorius

Elizabeth Frankenstein

Henry Frankenstein


Elizabeth Frankenstein

Percy Shelley

Lord Byron

Mary Shelley

Sound samples from the movie:

"No woman"