Freaks - 1932

Freaks is a real masterwork by Tod Browning. The movie starts with an introduction to what freaks are, as you can see above here on the screenshot. A man exhibits a freak show and tells the audience a story about a Feathered Hen.

Cleopatra is a beautiful blonde lady and works in a circus. Hans, a midget is in love with her. Hans has a fiancée named Frieda, also a midget. Cleopatra is after Hans' money and Frieda sees that and tries to warn Hans. Hans doesn't listen as he is blinded by love. One of the circus artists is Hercules. He has an affair with Cleopatra. They find out that Hans will get a big amount of money from an inheritance. Cleopatra, who is not in love with Hans at all, wants to get this money and she marries him. During the wedding, she makes a fool of Hans and she kisses with Hercules. The Freaks decide to accept her in the group, as one of them. She freaks out and lets the Freaks know she is disgusted by them. Cleopatra tries to poison Hans, but he finds out. Together with some freaks they lure here into a trap and a big fight breaks loose. Hercules gets killed by a knife and the freaks have a plan for Cleopatra... The story ofthe Feathered Hen.. ha ha ha ha....
If you want to know what the plan was, then scroll down to the last picture and you'll see it... There are also some sound samples below I made from the movie, to download.


Wallace Ford .... Phroso
Leila Hyams .... Venus
Olga Baclanova .... Cleopatra
Roscoe Ates .... Roscoe
Henry Victor .... Hercules
Harry Earles .... Hans
Daisy Earles .... Frieda
Rose Dione .... Madame Tetrallini
Daisy Hilton .... Siamese Twin
Violet Hilton .... Siamese Twin
Schlitze .... Herself
Josephine Joseph .... Half-Woman, Half Man
Johnny Eck .... Half Boy
Frances O'Connor (I) .... Armless Girl
Peter Robinson (I) .... Human Skeleton

Sound samples from the movie:

"One of Us"
"Little Black Bottle"