Devil Doll - The Sacrilege Of Fatal Arms (10/10) - Italy - 1993
Genre: Progressive Gothic
Label: Hurdy gurdy
Playing time: 73:03
Band-Homepage: Devil Doll

  1. The Sacrilege Of Fatal Arms
Being a drastically revised version of DEVIL DOLL's 1992 release "Sacrilegium", "The Sacrilege Of Fatal Arms" is one of the most ambitious, lofty works of sinister beauty to have ever graced the compact disc-medium. Originally released for members of the DEVIL DOLL-fan-club only, this revised version is the soundtrack to an underground film also written and directed by the band's enigmatic mastermind, Mr. Doctor.

While an obvious drawback is the fact that only one track exists on the disc, requiring the listener to listen to the whole album in one sitting, this is really not much of a problem. You see, DEVIL DOLL are like no other, and while the almost satanic symphony orchestra begins its first notes, one is strangely hooked by the eccentric dark beauty that begins to unfold, and is thus compelled to continue listening to what bizarre, morose surprises might be lurking around the corner.

Combining the skills of a very dark, almost morbid chamber orchestra with various European folk instruments and influences (namely Hungarian, Romanian & Slovenian), DEVIL DOLL also add compelling sections of Progressive Rock/Metal (with various psych influences) and often quite frightening quiet passages of piano and cello accompanied by the demented vocals of Mr. Doctor. Also featured are the creepy vocals of the Devil Chorus, as well as a genuine cathedral pipe-organ. And all of this is tinged with a deep Gothic-flavour, though nothing of the cliched, pretentious type. We're talking some really fucked up shit here!

The story follows the narration of a man who has recently died and is looking back on his disturbed, insane life. We even get to hear what its like to be lying in the coffin, hearing the dirt smash against it while the priest gives a final departing message! What makes it all so compelling, is the fact that DEVIL DOLL are masters at portraying the irony of life and the contradictions that lie within: dark and light, good and evil, the beautiful and the hideous, the heroic and the cowardly.

In short, it is dman near impossible to describe the magic of DEVIL DOLL; you just to experience it for yourself. An absolute masterpiece!