Devil Doll

Devil Doll is unlike anything in the world. Their first CD is called The Girl Who Was ... Death (1989), and it defines their sound - one long song, very creepy, sinister, and haunting, like a soundtrack to a horror movie, but still very melodic and symphonic. The power level is more rock than metal, with tons of acoustic keys, strings, tuba and accordion music, and the music moves back and forth from cool rocking passages to creepy acoustic ones. The arrangements are unsettling enough, but then you have the vocal performance of Mr. Doctor, the mastermind behind this band. It is extremely likely he is insane, and what I've read about him only makes me more sure of it � maybe he's not insane, but he definitely hears and feels things most of us do not. His vocal style is bizarre, tortured whispered / spoken vox usually against a piano, and it really has to be heard to be believed. He is very theatrical, passionate, creepy and disturbing and he whispers and moans and chants and even occasionally sings his way through the album.  The actual variety of emotions he conveys is amazing, he seems hit on every dark, twisted, troubled emotion a person can feel, and communicate it with frightening power.

The second CD is called Eliagablus (1990), and it is similar in style to TGWWD, though there are fewer rocking parts. Then came Sacrilegium (1992), which again has fewer rocking parts, but a greater emphasis on Mr. Doctor's bizarre story telling. Though it was there in TGWWD, there is a stronger vaudeville influence in Sacrilegium, adding greatly to the creepiness. The Sacrilege of Fatal Arms (1992) came next, a reworked and expanded Sacrilegium.

The last one was Dies Irae (1996), which is my favorite. It has a huge, very symphonic / orchestral sound, and is noticeably more rocking than the earlier releases, even a bit more so than TGWWD. To my ears Mr. Doctor has perfected his style of music here, every ingredient is perfectly balanced as makes for a completely mesmerizing and disquieting listen.

After Dies Irae I like TGWWD, then TSOFA, then Sacrlegium, and then Eiagablus, though I suspect if you get into any of them you'll end up buying them all.

April 2001 - 10/10