Mr Doctors Punk Selection

Mr. Doctor has recently released a Punk Bible entitled "The Bible".
For this book He wrote down His 10 favorite punk singles. As this website likes to be as thorough as THE MAN Himself, we have tracked down information about these bands and all the songs He mentioned, the result you find below
(song samples below every band, for legal reasons on small samples have been placed). Mr.Doctors link to punk music is not new as you might know. If you carefully study the cover of Eliogabalus you can already spot punk prominents as Fay Fife, Vic Godard and Johnny Moped.
Mr.Doctor has always been a dedicated collector of punk and is considered an expert in this field.

The Bible
By Mr.Doctor

Public Image Ltd
Public Image Ltd

"Music sample Public Image Ltd"

Johnny Moped
Incendiary Device

"Music sample Incendiary Device"

Subway Sect
Nobody's Scared

"Music sample Nobody's Scared"

Siouxsie & The Banshees
The Staircase

"Music sample The Staircase"

Sex Pistols
God Save The Queen

"Music sample God Save the Queen"

Gary Gilmore's Eyes

"Music sample Gary Gilmore's Eyes"

Desperate Bicycles
Occupied Territory

"Music sample Occupied Territory"

The Scars

"Music sample Horrorshow "

Essential Logic
World Friction

"Music sample World Friction"

The Now
Into the 80's

"Music sample Into the 80's"